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File: doors, windows and shutters

File: doors, windows and shutters

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For a top-notch house, care must be taken to finish it. And so this also goes through all the interior and exterior woodwork. In our file, you will find all the advice to choose sliding windows, windows, roof windows, patio doors, entry doors and shutters according to your style.

Zoom on the windows

Windows are essential in the home because they are the openings that will provide the necessary light for your comfort. So much to say that their choice is essential! To help you choose the right type of window, we invite you to discover in pictures several styles of sliding windows for an XXL opening but also roof windows to be able to illuminate your attic and make them viable. After a little overview, the windows will no longer hold any secrets for you and it is obvious that you will know which model to turn to.

Openings and closings

When choosing your woodwork, also think of the accesses that will lead you to your outdoor spaces. Start by taking a look at the inspirations of front doors to see that the choice in terms of design is very wide. Then why not study the possibility of offering yourself a French window in order to have access to the garden while enjoying good light? Finally, to protect you from light and heat, shutters and other blackout solutions are not to be neglected so do not hesitate to dig into our ideas.


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