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Feature: A desire to travel with the arrival of spring

Feature: A desire to travel with the arrival of spring

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The sunny days are on the way, and the desires of getaways too. To help you plan a weekend or a week away from home, we have put together a short list of all our favorite hotels in Avignon, Honfleur and even Dublin. Romance, authenticity and relaxation await you, let yourself be guided.

A weekend in France

A thirst for romance and well-being just for a weekend? Destination Avignon and its Provencal charm. On the program of this getaway, a visit to the Palais des Papes or on the famous bridge. And to sleep, we recommend the Hôtel d'Europe, the former home of the Marquis de Graveson, a true haven of peace, or the Auberge de la Cassagne and its spa for a moment of calm and relaxation. Fancy a weekend by the sea? Cap sur Honfleur, a small port town in Normandy, full of charm and authenticity. Spend a wonderful night at the Hôtel Le Cheval Blanc with its magnificent view of the port or at La Maison de Lucie with a discreet and delicate atmosphere.

Short stay abroad

If you want to cross the borders, head to Dublin for a getaway that will appeal to both architecture lovers and shopaholics. After strolling through St Stephen's Green park or Christ Church Cathedral, we recommend an exceptional establishment to rest: the Clontarf Castle, an ancient castle steeped in history and with royal decor. Change of scenery guaranteed! A little tour in Moscow tempts you? We have also put together a small list of Hotels not to be missed. Our favorite: the Hyatt Ararat Hotel, ideally located in the hyper center of Moscow a few steps from major tourist sites; ideal for a most luxurious stay.


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