Feature: renovate without breaking the bank

Feature: renovate without breaking the bank

Do you want to change the decor with the arrival of spring, but are you afraid of seeing your budget explode? Be aware that giving a room a good fresh air does not necessarily mean spending thousands and hundreds. Today, there are a number of tips to avoid breaking the bank with each change. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, all these pieces will be able to make a little beauty at a low price!

Special paints

Changing all the furniture in your kitchen or breaking the tiles in your bathroom can quickly erode the renovation budget considerably. Fortunately, there are other solutions today than renewing everything. Special paints for tiling and furniture allow you to renovate without having bought everything ... Note that there are also special resins to renovate slightly dated sinks.

Practical stickers

Stickers are the new allies for small budgets. Kitchen furniture, stools and even tiled floors give it a second lease of life. At Like a Color, you can even create them to measure, practical to adapt to all configurations. They exist in multiple colors and create once set a decor of the most successful. We love !

Decorative accessories at low prices

Is your sofa a bit worn or worse, you can no longer see it in paint? No need to buy a new one and spend all your savings. A nice spring plaid will take care of giving it a little fresh air! As for the bathroom, no need to imagine major work, a new carpet, a new bed set and a few decorative items placed on the dresser are enough to give it a new lease of life.