Feature: window insulation

Feature: window insulation

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Phonic or thermal, insulation is essential in homes. Indeed, dilapidated windows can cause discomfort, due to noise problems, feelings of cold. And beware of the energy bill! But how do you go from simple to double glazing without changing your windows? What evidence indicates that glass surfaces need to be replaced?

Why insulate your windows?

Poorly sealed windows generate significant heat losses, between 20 and 15%. Thus, as part of the overall improvement in the energy performance of your home, the insulation of your windows and patio doors is essential. And as much for your comfort as for your budget, their replacement has many advantages: save energy by lowering your heating bill, benefit from better acoustic comfort, and reduce the "cold wall" effect by eliminating Air Currents. But in addition to your personal comfort, insulating your windows helps protect the environment by reducing your energy consumption. You also enhance your real estate heritage by improving your home!

Solutions to insulate without changing your windows

Stop misconceptions! Insulating your windows does not require changing them, resulting in a steep bill! Some insulation work is available to all DIY enthusiasts. Thus, it is possible to caulk its windows with special silicone insulation, ideal for limiting energy loss. A second technique is to apply double glazing to your window or French window without changing the glass surface. However, the efficiency of a glazing is lower compared to a real double glazing. For non-DIYers, it is however recommended to contact a professional who will diagnose the best way to insulate your windows. Despite certain techniques allowing them to be isolated without replacing them, some windows in a home can have limited performance. Thus, the caulking and the installation of a glazing will be superfluous and it is advisable to change your glass surfaces. However, before buying and installing new windows, several criteria will have to be defined, such as the materials, the choice of glazing and performance coefficients.

Changing your windows: what materials to choose?

Thermal renovation is only effective if the best materials and glazing are combined! Thus, several materials are used in the context of insulation. But if PVC is today popular with consumers for its aesthetic appearance and ease of maintenance, some insulation professionals consider wood as the best sound and thermal insulator. It is however possible to turn to mixed windows, made of wood and aluminum, today widely used for thermal renovations: the marriage of these two materials will improve the insulating properties of your windows!

Double glazing, the optimal solution

The thermal insulation of the windows currently marketed is carried out in double glazing, a process today considered essential, especially in town, making it possible to create a barrier effect against cold and noise. It consists of two panes spaced 16mm apart, the void of which is filled with an insulating gas, argon, which is perfectly sealed. Thus, double glazing will keep the heat inside your home, avoid condensation in damp rooms and remove the "cold effect" near the windows. Finally, absolute comfort, double glazing allows a significant reduction in external noise pollution! To further increase the insulation performance of your windows, triple glazing appears to be the radical solution! Based on the same principle as double glazing, this technique however has an additional gas space between the two glass walls. However, triple glazing is indicated for homes located in very cold regions. In France, a country with a temperate climate, double glazing is perfect for urban or rural dwellings!


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