File: insulation of the attic

File: insulation of the attic

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Against heat loss, insulating the attic must be a priority, both for your comfort and for your energy consumption. Lost attic or convertible rooms, how to best isolate this part of your home? Between the different techniques and materials available, it is possible to insulate its attic space by significantly reducing its energy consumption.

Roof insulation, a priority

If your home requires insulation work, the attic remains the priority. Because with 30% heat loss, it is a serious waste of energy! And the hot air, which tends to rise, will be lost without effective insulation to block. Significant degrees in winter! This insulation is also the one that allows you to save the most energy for a small budget, around 50 euros per square meter, for savings of up to 30% on your heating bill. A solution that quickly pays for itself!

Roof insulation techniques

There are two roof insulation techniques. In new constructions, insulating the roof from the outside provides excellent thermal performance without reducing the interior space of the attic. A luxury when you know that current trends in real estate acquisition relate to large interior spaces and the significant gain in square meters! But this technique remains privileged in new constructions, in front of the need to strip the roof. Thus, widely acclaimed in renovation works, the insulation of interior roof spaces remains the most used technique and the simplest to realize.

Which insulation to choose?

In the insulation market, there are a plethora of offers that, depending on their characteristics, will adapt to your needs and your roof. Choose an insulator that will be effective in both winter and summer. Today, almost 75% of French households use glass wool for insulation, seduced by its excellent value for money and its ease of installation. Its lifespan is evaluated at 50 years if it has been properly installed. This mineral wool provides excellent thermal resistance, even in a single layer. In addition to glass wool, thin insulators are attractive for their insulating capacities and their reduced thicknesses. But their installation can sometimes be a real headache and a simple leak can compromise the entire installation. Finally, today, if the desire for an ecological and environmentally friendly habitat is increasingly attractive, cellulose wadding, made from recycled paper and materials of natural origin, is an excellent insulator but remains much more expensive than glass wool. But whatever the material used, the insulation of your attic, lost or not, allows a significant saving on your energy bill. Professionals estimate it between 20 and 50 euros per square meter!