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Feature: knitting Christmas gifts

Feature: knitting Christmas gifts

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Nerdy knitting? No! This creative hobby is no longer the preserve of the elderly for a long time, and today finds its followers among young girls or mothers (and even some men, yes!). New knitting enthusiasts finally find another way to relax after a hard day's work, or simply enjoy a pleasant pastime in public transport or the doctor's waiting room. Right in the DIY movement, knitting is more popular than ever and many brands are determined to dust off this activity once reserved for grandma. As Christmas approaches, they compete in imagination to offer pretty gift kits to knit yourself ... Here are some ideas to include in your future shopping list!

All-in-one kits for knitting Christmas gifts yourself

Far from standards and impersonal gifts, the trend today pushes individuals to offer original gifts for Christmas, if possible handmade. Brands have understood this desire for personalization, and offer all-in-one kits ready to use. Just choose from a photo the model that you like the most and you receive a few days later a nice bag including the appropriate needles, the skeins of wool, the tutorial and a notice explaining the knitting baba if you are a beginner. Most ? The models offered are totally in tune with the times, far from the accessories with cheesy patterns that prevailed in the 80s. Stars of these it-kits, the brands Peace & Wool, We are Knitters or Woolkiss have large catalogs in which you will certainly find your happiness.

Fashion or decoration, knitting slips everywhere in the house!

As for fashion accessories, brands are full of different models, adapted to the level of expertise of each (beginner, easy, intermediate, advanced). From colorful snood to mittens and even the flower headband, all of our desires are now available in a knitted version. In the home, knitting is found in many accessories that are easy to make yourself. Baskets, cushion covers or even plant pots knitted by you will surely be envious at the foot of the tree!

Knitting from every angle

Knitting has become so widespread in recent years and today affects all generations and all walks of life. Thus was born the Yarn Bombing, which mixes knitting and street art: these creations of a new kind consist in covering various external elements (trees, lampposts, public benches, etc.) with knitted wool. Another trend is knitting aperitifs, which allow you to learn or simply practice knitting around a drink, in a relaxed atmosphere. In general, the workshops dedicated to knitting are booming, and offer many themes around the Christmas holidays. They are just waiting for you!