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Feature: All about blinds

Feature: All about blinds

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In recent years, there has been a rise in the power of blinds. This element, which replaces the role of curtains, decorates your rooms and windows. Venetian blinds, roller blinds or even boat blinds… There are a wide variety. How to choose your blinds for your interior? The editorial team tells you everything.

Why install blinds?

Like curtains, blinds are a practical solution to dress up windows. We generally choose to install blinds for two reasons: to create an intimate and subdued atmosphere in a room and to protect ourselves from the gaze of our dear curious neighbors. The last reason is all the more true when the window is badly placed for the installation of a curtain. The blinds adapt to most windows and the installation is very simple.

Shades for an intimate atmosphere

To create an intimate atmosphere, all styles of blinds are suitable. Venetian blinds, for example, have removable slats. We can therefore play with light. The roller blinds and the boat blinds are made of fabric. It is possible to adjust the height to play with the entry of light. A dark fabric will let less sunlight in. On the contrary, a light fabric will illuminate your interior. Roller and boat blinds are sold in standard format. To adapt your decorative elements to your windows, you can go to specialized stores to have them made to measure. To avoid mismatching the room: play on tones, colors and patterns. If you need to accessorize bay windows, you can opt for Californian blinds that are on the rise and add a touch of elegance to your rooms. There are Californian blinds anti-heat, in veil or fabric, blackout or sifting.

Blinds to protect from vis-à-vis

If you install blinds for the sole purpose of hiding from outside view, the only solution is the Venetian blind. Aluminum, wood, PVC… all styles of materials exist. For a traditional interior, wood will have its greatest effect. For a modern interior, it is necessary to turn to venetian blinds in PVC or aluminum. PVC or aluminum slats have the advantage of being easy to maintain. A simple blow of a soft and dry cloth removes dust residues. If the coverslips are stained, they can be cleaned with a damp sponge. PVC or aluminum venetian blinds are available in various colors to suit the decoration of bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. Note however that PVC blinds tend to turn yellow when exposed to the sun.


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