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Floating parquet, glued or nailed?

The type of installation adapts more or less well to the characteristics of the environment where you want to install your parquet. A floating pose is ideal in apartments because it insulates well phonetically. Solid glued or traditional parquet is more suitable for homes. Underfloor heating is more effective with this type of parquet, even if the use of wood is not recommended for too high a temperature.

Solid, traditional or laminated parquet?

Then you have to choose the type of parquet: the solid, glued or nailed to the ground, are resistant and easy to maintain, but are also the most expensive. Traditional parquet floors are thicker, and therefore even more resistant, but they are also more complicated to install. Finally, engineered parquet floors are less authentic and solid, but also the cheapest, because they are made of solid wood, underlayers in medium, wood derivatives and plywood.

The aesthetics of parquet

The parquet can be adorned with visible grooves, can be aged artificially or have more or less wide and / or long planks. Of course, the choice of wood is essential to vary the appearance of the floor. The color and the degree of gloss (depending on the vitrification) can also modify the style of the parquet so that it blends in harmony with the environment.


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