Maintain my heat pump myself

Maintain my heat pump myself

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External cleanliness of the heat pump

Before any maintenance operation on the heat pump (PAC), it is advisable to switch off the electrical current to avoid any risk. Then, the cleaning of the machine cover has mainly one objective: to guarantee a good air circulation between the interior and the exterior. Also, all branches, leaves, blades of grass ... must absolutely be removed from the device. On the other hand, this intervention can be the occasion to pass a blow of sponge soaked with soapy water on the part closing the engine. To rinse, clear water is sufficient.

Dust off the heat pump pipes

The attention of the owner of a heat pump must then be directed to the air outlet doors between the engine and the interior of the housing. These devices, called insufflation vents, must be regularly dusted. Just vacuum and run it through the pipes. Then, it remains to clean the exchanger, with a degreasing product, and the sieves, which can be soaked in water. For everything else, and the compliance of the system, only a professional can intervene.