Installing a wall-mounted clothes dryer

Installing a wall-mounted clothes dryer

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Very practical in the bathroom but also outdoors, the wall-mounted clothes dryer is a popular accessory for drying clothes without using a conventional dryer, which saves money. Here are some tips for installing your wall-mounted clothes dryer.

Wall-mounted clothes horse: indoor or outdoor?

The first advantage of a wall-mounted clothes dryer, compared to a traditional clothes dryer, is that it can be positioned outdoors. In summer, this system allows clothes to dry fairly quickly without any effort. If the temperatures in your area are not high enough in summer or for winter, the wall-mounted clothes horse, usually installed on a bathroom wall, is also a good solution.

Only one essential element: the wall

It may seem logical but to install your wall-mounted clothes dryer, the use of a wall is necessary. After choosing your clothes dryer, whether it is fixed, foldable or foldable, you will need to use screws and dowels - depending on the type of wall - to fix the clothes dryer on the wall . Before fixing it, be sure to choose the correct fixing height: the higher the dryer, the closer the laundry will be to the accumulated heat (the heat always goes up). But be careful to leave the laundry accessible to all members of the family. Finally, be aware that it is also possible to fix a clothes dryer on a ceiling.


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