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Renovate my facade

Renovate my facade

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With sunny days, you want to take control of your home. The facade in particular has suffered the ravages of time and weather combined: multiple soiling, discoloration, humidity, a toilet is required. First of all, identify the work to be carried out: if infiltration, masonry problems and restoration require the intervention of professionals, you can however take care of the walls to be washed, the woodwork, doors and windows to be repaired, cracks and plasters to be filled.

Material needed to renovate its facade

To do well, you need to gather the following tools: a karcher, a sprayer, a scraper, a painting knife, a putty gun, a chisel and hammer, a wire brush and a marking tape. In addition to a ladder and scaffolding whose balance and solidity you have tested (also pay attention to their location if they encroach on the neighbor's property or the road network, legal authorizations will be required), plan to protect yourself with a suit , gloves and glasses. Also hide soil and plants to avoid soiling.

Facade cleaning

It is advisable to pass the walls with a high pressure cleaner to remove the dirt and the accumulated lichens, then to pass the stains with the brush and to get rid of the chipped coatings. Use products adapted to the supports and needs: anti-humidity, anti-interference, anti-rust.

Wall repairs

First, seal the cracks and holes with suitable mortar. Remove the used joints with the trowel to position new ones. Add plaster to the trowel where it is lacking. You can also paint your facade. Do not forget to place beforehand a fixing primer which will facilitate the setting of the color.

Repair of the paneling and ironwork

Besides the walls, it is also necessary to clean and treat the woodwork, shutters and doors, as well as the window frames. Disassemble them and then strip them, repair them, treat them, repaint them and protect them. Same thing with the ironwork (handles, locks, gates ...) that must be clogged before passing them with anti-rust then repainting them with appropriate products.


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