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Renovate a roof

Renovate a roof

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Missing tiles, leaks and infiltrations, damaged gutters, old color: your roof is no longer brand new. Should we redo the whole? Or is it just a matter of considering some renovations? In fact, the roof protects the entire home: you cannot neglect it. But restoring this part involves risks and obligations. Here is some information to help you make your choices.

Framework verification

It will all start with a careful observation of the roof, inside and out. First of all, be aware that each type of roof has specificities: on a slope, it is covered with clay or slate tiles; flat, it is protected with tar mixed with rubble. The frame constitutes the framework where these coverings rest. She must be healthy. Check the condition of the beams, if they are cracked, if they are eaten away by insects and parasites, if any parts are missing. Too damaged, they will have to be changed completely, resulting in a major project entrusted to professionals.

Condition of the roof covering and insulation

Also assess the condition of the insulation. Oozing out, it is no longer effective and must be replaced. If you don't have one, now is the time to think about installing one, which will increase the life of your roof while reducing your heating bills. Then look at the state of the coating: tiles covered with mushrooms, broken, pale slate, devoured by oxidation, presence of insects, multiple infiltrations, defective ventilation, poorly assembled parts. Look for signs of permeability. If this is the case, also plan to redo the assembly.

The legislation in force

Last essential point, the restoration of your roof depends on the legislation. For each region, its type of roof: ask the municipalities for the standards in force. If you decide to change the color of your roof, you are required to declare it to the municipality. If your home is classified, the authorization of national monuments is required. A permit is required to raise the roof or change the slope.