Install gas air conditioning

Install gas air conditioning

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Less common among individuals than other air conditioning systems due to its rather bulky device, gas air conditioning is however one of the air conditioning that has the most advantages when it comes to lowering the temperature of a piece. Environmentally friendly, quiet and even silent, gas air conditioning should become widespread in homes. If you already have yours, here are some tips to properly install your gas air conditioning.

The choice of gas air conditioner

Before installing your gas air conditioning, make sure you choose the right model. Two types of gas air conditioning coexist: the first based on a gas engine is said to be compression; the second, which is based on a thermochemical reaction generated by a gas burner is said to be absorption. Whatever the model, your gas air conditioning should in most cases be delivered to you "pre-assembled".

Installation of gas air conditioning

Quite compact and imposing, the gas air conditioner is generally supplied pre-assembled, after having been wired and tested in the factory. It only takes a few connections to install your gas air conditioner at home. Although less noise than other systems, be sure to choose the location of your installation. Finally, don't forget that, as the name suggests, gas air conditioning uses gas, an element to be handled with care.