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Choosing gas air conditioning

Choosing gas air conditioning

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When the thermometer starts to show high temperatures, we often think of a solution to cool the air a little. Among these solutions, air conditioning is probably the most effective. Here are some tips to help you choose your gas air conditioning.

Gas air conditioning.

As the name suggests, gas air conditioning is a heat pump that requires the use of natural gas in order to function. The heat is then taken from inside the house so that it can either be rejected outside or used to produce hot water for the sanitary facilities or the supply of radiators.

Which model ?

There are two types of gas air conditioners, compression air conditioners and absorption air conditioners. For the former, gas is used to run a motor which will drive the compressor. For the latter, a gas burner will generate a thermochemical reaction allowing the refrigeration circuit to be started.

Gas air conditioning: advantages and disadvantages

Gas air conditioning has several advantages including independence from outside heat, reversibility, low operating noise level and use of refrigerants which can be recycled and therefore a certain respect for the environment. However, the gas air conditioning system is still very bulky.


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