Climbing a spiral staircase

Climbing a spiral staircase

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The appearance of the staircases in kit made it possible to make the installation of this type of structure accessible to all. The range offered today by manufacturers - straight staircases, spiral staircases or even revolving staircases - makes it possible to respond to all projects of renovation or extension of an interior.

When to choose a spiral staircase?

A staircase must be able to fit perfectly into the layout of an interior. Its use requires sufficient circulation space both at the top and at the bottom of the steps, sometimes making it impossible to install a straight staircase (usually because of a wall). Therefore, the rotating version overcomes this constraint.

Preparing the spiral staircase

Before embarking on the assembly of the staircase, it is essential to ensure the presence of all the parts of the kit. This step avoids any unpleasant surprises along the way. In the case of a wooden staircase, you must first apply a layer of film-forming product to all of its parts. It will be completed, after installation, by a varnishing which will durably protect the structure from current deterioration.

Installation of the spiral staircase

The installation of the staircase is not very difficult, especially if it is carried out step by step by the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The only notable difference compared to a straight staircase: the quarter turn must be installed first, and without being fixed, in order to be able to make any necessary adjustments during assembly.


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