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Install a halogen projector

Install a halogen projector

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Halogen projector for private or professional use

This type of lighting can be used for private use such as to light the terrace, the entrance to a garage, the garden or the swimming pool. But it is especially used a lot in professional environment, on building sites, in the yard of a factory ... There are many models with different options. The halogen spotlight can, for example, be fixed or portable, in this case it is equipped with a battery or a battery. It can also be motorized. They are often equipped with motion detectors. Sometimes they are heated.

Type of lighting

The halogen projector lighting is very powerful, ranging from 100 to 1500 watts. The range of lighting also varies depending on the designer chosen. The range can range from a few meters to 500 meters. In addition, on certain models, the lighting time and the range of the presence detector are adjustable. The big disadvantage of this type of lighting is its very high electrical consumption.

Installation of a fixed halogen projector

As with any modification to the electrical installation, caution is advised, so you must first cut the power. Mark the location of the projector with a pencil. Drill the holes, place the dowels and fix the projector securely. Make the appropriate connections using the manufacturer's instructions. Reconnect the power and test your halogen projector.


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