Install an electric timer

Install an electric timer

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Using the electric timer

Some places are conducive to the use of an electric timer, these are the places where you may forget to turn off the light. In general, these are the common parts of a building, a stairwell, a parking lot or a corridor. There are several models of timer which offer the possibility of switching off the lights completely after a certain time or switching off the light gradually, by lowering the intensity. It is also possible to leave a light in night mode.

Installation of the electric timer

An electric timer is in the form of a modular plastic box. This box is fixed on the rails of the electrical panel. It has a switch which looks like a push button. In the case, an electronic circuit allows time adjustment. In general, you should never set the timer to the maximum of its time, as this would not save energy. Always adjust the time programmed on the timer to the action that takes place in the lit area.


The electric timer is installed in the same way as a remote control switch. One terminal receives the supply phase and a second terminal receives the return from the push button. Take care that the maximum power of the devices powered by a timer socket does not exceed the power supported by the timer, otherwise the timer could be damaged.


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