Install an insulating lining on a frame

Install an insulating lining on a frame

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The method which consists in placing an insulating wall on a framework makes it possible to double all kinds of walls, in particular irregular old walls, while obtaining thermal and sound insulation of excellent quality.

Frame preparation

This type of insulation will be carried out using a wooden or metal frame fixed to the floor and ceiling - we will speak of "smooth" for wood and "rails" for a metal fixing. A rail or a rail is therefore fixed to the ceiling, but depending on the type of ceiling, it will be necessary to ensure the solidity of this fixing. Then, using a plumb bob, trace the location of the rail on the ground, before installing it securely.

Installation of insulation on the frame

Glass wool insulation or any other product intended to promote thermal and sound insulation will then be installed against the wall, adding, if necessary, protection against humidity or infiltration. Depending on the desired level of insulation, one or two different layers of insulation can be installed.

Efficient finishes

The installation of the last layer must be carried out carefully since it is it which will be visible once the work is completed. It can be plasterboard, wood panels, paneling… or any other finishing siding, but it will in any case be necessary that it incorporates a vapor barrier in order to avoid humidity problems in the area containing the insulation. These panels are fixed on the rails or the beams, on the floor and on the ceiling, and possibly on the load-bearing wall, and it is they which will keep the layers of insulation in place.