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Place a frieze under crawling

Place a frieze under crawling

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The installation of a frieze under a creeper makes it very easy to dress a room located under the roofs, and this operation is within everyone's reach. You can nail the frizzles, or choose fixettes that will allow them to fit together so they can be recovered later.

Laying the frizz

If you have chosen to nail the friezes, the point will have to be driven in at an angle, and the head will be driven out so as not to prevent nesting. To install the fixette, insert the pliers into the groove of the frieze, and push hard. If the opening of the clamp is equivalent to the groove, you can staple; otherwise, it will be necessary to widen or narrow the opening using a screwdriver which will be rotated in the slot of the pliers. The fixette is then stapled with 4 mm staples when the wood is hard, or 12 to 14 mm when it is soft, these staples being placed slightly obliquely.

Laying technique

Laying begins at one end of the room, and length fittings will be required. In addition, each row should be placed offset from the previous one to obtain a decorative effect and avoid monotony. It is unlikely that the last frieze can be placed without being cut, in which case we will use a saw with fine teeth, and we will mask the connection between ceiling and wall with quarter round.

Precaution to take

It is common for a chimney flue to pass through such a room, and safety standards therefore require that the frieze be stopped 18 cm from the flue, taking its thickness into account.


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