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Clean mold

Clean mold

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In a house, mold can appear on walls as well as on doors, windows, floors or joints. We can of course clean these molds, but we must first find the causes and sometimes, the simple installation of a ventilation will be enough to solve the problem.

Clean mold: tiles and joints

Molds are fairly easily cleaned on the floor, if fungicides or just bleach are used. However, the seals are less easy to clean. You can of course try to remove mold with commercial products, but you can also mix 1/3 of bleach with 2/3 of water in a sprayer. Then put paper towels on the tiles, spray the mixture to keep it in place, and leave to act for a few hours.

Clean mold: stone or wooden walls…

When molds have settled on surfaces that can be impregnated, cleaning will be very difficult, and it will be done especially with bleach which we will try to make penetrate as much as possible. A mixture of 5 cl of detergent and 5 cl of bleach for 1 liter of water is a solution for most surfaces, but you can also try mixing a quarter cup of baking soda and a cup hot water. However, in the most serious cases, after removing the cause of the humidity and cleaning the damaged areas as deeply as possible, it will be necessary to redo the coating or the seals.