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Make a bar

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You dream of it… and you can do it. Making a bar is not an impossible task. Here's how.

Making a bar: two manufacturing techniques

There are two techniques for making a bar: masonry and carpentry. The first is particularly suitable for outdoor bars. It is "enough" then to mount a concrete block wall and coat it before affixing a wooden counter that will be treated and varnished. In the second case, the steps are as follows: choose the shape and location of the bar, take the measurements and make the plans, assemble the bar and then decorate it.

Some rules

Easier said than done? Certainly, but here are also some rules to follow absolutely. The counter, an essential element, must have a height of between 1.05 and 1.15 meters, a width of approximately 30 centimeters. As for its length, it depends of course on the space available. However, it is necessary to allow 80 cm per seated person. The second important part of the bar, the work plan. Its height can vary between 80 and 85 cm, its width between 40 and 50 cm, to have the space necessary for making small dishes and other cocktails.

Making a bar: the materials to use

Speaking of drinks, let's not forget that a well used bar will be subject to liquids and other stains. Making a bar intended to last, is therefore to anticipate the materials used. It is indeed important to choose materials that are not afraid of water and can be easily cleaned: treated wood, aerated concrete, tiles, stainless steel ... If you choose a paint, choose a special coating for kitchen and bathroom, resistant to water. and washable.