Make a pantry

Make a pantry

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It is used to store food such as cheeses and cold meats, even fruits and vegetables, and gives the kitchen an authentically charming air. Here are some tips for making a pantry.

Make a pantry: wood and sieve

What do you need to make a pantry? Simply wood, nails and wire mesh fine enough that flies, mosquitoes and other spiders cannot go to help themselves. Recovery champions can even use recycled wood, for example from pallets.

With or without shelf

Its usefulness then depends on the shape given to its pantry inside. This small piece of furniture, which can, for example, be made with a height of 60 cm for a depth and a width of 30 cm to 35 cm, can accommodate a shelf or two if you want to store cheese. In this case, the shelves will be covered with a bench top, of the type used in Asian cuisine (to roll sushi!) To protect food from moisture. But the pantry can also be a simple box inside which two hooks are installed to hang hams and sausages; provide, in this case, a height under hooks of 50 cm.

Build a pantry: what about the door?

Once the frame of the pantry has been completed, the mosquito net is simply fixed with small nails or staples. As for the door, it is fixed with hinges and closed with a targette, or even simply with two small pieces of crossed wood. To hang the pantry, a fairly solid string is enough. In a short time and with little material, it is thus possible to build a custom pantry.


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