Lay a horizontal gutter

Lay a horizontal gutter

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The layout of the horizontal gutter

Start by studding a point at the two ends of the gutter: on the front part of the rafters for a hanging gutter, on the upper part for a creeping gutter. Then trace the lowest point of the descent. Count an inclination of 5 mm per meter. Note the location of the hooks every 50 centimeters. Identify any angles that the gutter should follow. Place a hook 5 cm from any corner element and at the start of the gutter.

Horizontal gutter: fixing hooks

For a hanging gutter, attach the hooks at both ends and check the inclination. Then fix hooks every 50 centimeters with stainless steel screws. The hooks are metallic, so they can be twisted to correct their position. If you are installing a creeping gutter, the hooks are attached to the rafters through a strip of doublis (zinc plate). Then, the technique is the same as for a hanging gutter.

Horizontal gutter: assembly

There are three kinds of assembly processes. For PVC gutters, bonding is the most used technique. Be sure to file and sand the parts well before gluing them. Use a special PVC glue. Some gutters have seals that allow the elements to fit together. Finally, we can resort to welding. It is the most reliable technique. However, it requires adequate know-how and equipment. Finish by adding a silicone seal to the ends of the gutter.