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Demolish a roof

Demolish a roof

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Demolishing a roof: the essential tools

Make sure you have one or more scales. The cover, attached during and after the work, is essential to ensure that the roof is kept out of water. Among the safety elements: helmet, gloves, glasses, do not forget the ropes to work in rappelling and avoid fatal falls.

Demolishing a roof: the steps to follow

The first advice is to never go up on the roof on rainy days. Always work from top to bottom. You have to remove the tiles one by one. Sort and store them as you go. If you reuse them, don't forget to clean them to remove the foam and traces of pollution. Then dismantle the shingles on the first ridge. Finally, dismantle the gutters or gutters.

Demolish a roof: presence of asbestos

If you notice that your roof is made up of asbestos, you should wear a mask and gloves that you will find at specialized retailers. Avoid breaking the asbestos plates as much as possible. Asbestos dust is highly carcinogenic. For the storage of asbestos, there are specialized places. Check with your nearest landfill.