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Choose roofing materials

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Aesthetics, solidity, price ... Different roofing materials are available to you, with very distinct characteristics that will suit each need. Our advice to help you find your way.

Natural materials: for an aesthetic cover

Terracotta, very pretty, natural and resistant, is the most used material in France. The colors are numerous, which allows you to adapt your roof according to the region. Slate, also natural, is very resistant to heat and humidity. It blends harmoniously with many environments. Synthetic slate, made of cement, is a more economical solution.

Compound materials: solidity and adaptability

Concrete tiles, made from mortar, are an inexpensive choice. To be waterproof, a surface treatment is necessary. Zinc offers excellent durability. Very flexible, this material easily adapts to different types of roofs. It is particularly appreciated for modern houses. Finally, the bituminous shingle, composed of fiberglass, a bituminous coating and surface protection, allows to combine good resistance with a very adaptable aesthetic. Cutting is easy and there are many finishes: imitation terracotta, stone, shale, ceramic granules, etc. This type of material is ideal for roofs with a slight slope.


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