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Put away your CDs and DVDs: all our tips

Put away your CDs and DVDs: all our tips

Wall shelves and storage columns

From the beautiful wooden bookcase to the metal piece of furniture with shelves for CDs and DVDs, there is a wide variety of suitable furniture on the market, sometimes with a very contemporary design. To save space, vertical towers or storage columns are ideal but are only suitable for a small number of boxes. In order to hide a large collection of records and keep a sober interior decoration, a piece of furniture fitted with doors may be the solution, but will also take up more space on the walls. More original, diverting a cabinet with drawers will allow you to store all your DVDs discreetly for optimal access.

DJ suitcases

Equipped with handles for transport, the DJ suitcases are used by music professionals, the Disc Jockey. These boxes allow compact storage and take up little space for maximum interior storage. They can contain around 500 discs and exist in different ranges. Their design often remains neutral, in black or gray with metal edges for more solidity. By looking a little, you will find more original models to match your interior design. Their prices vary according to the models, their interior capacity and of course the brand.

CD storage covers

Ideal for those who like to travel with their music or their movies, the storage covers are available in different sizes with straps or handles. Considered as extra storage, they allow you to classify the discs compactly inside compartments in fabric or transparent plastic. But you have to remove the boxes and jackets, so you have to throw away the plastic boxes or store them elsewhere in a box. It is the least decorative type of CD and DVD storage, but also the least expensive.