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Choosing a wardrobe: all our tips

Choosing a wardrobe: all our tips

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Modular or kit cabinets

With a reasonable and customizable cost, the modular cabinets allow you to choose each of the interior elements that will make up your storage. If you select a kit model, you will have to assemble it yourself. To store your household linen, prefer the fairly deep shelves. But if you want to use it as a dressing room, your wardrobe must have at least one rod to hang your wardrobe. Think of the options and accessories that offer many possibilities such as tie hooks or sliding shelves, compartmentalized or double bottom.

A wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors?

Both types of doors have their pros and cons. Your choice should be guided by the place where the cabinet will be placed and the needs in terms of traffic in front of the furniture. Installed in a narrow corridor or in a passage space, prefer to opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors. Think of doors with mirrors that illuminate and enlarge rooms with small, often dark surfaces. However, this type of door hides part of the contents of the cabinet when it is opened, unlike hinged doors which open wide for excellent visibility. These will be perfect if you have room to open your wardrobe without obstructing traffic.

Corner or custom cabinets

In order to optimize your space while benefiting from practical storage, the corner cabinets are perfect. Rounded, "L" shaped or "U" shaped, this type of storage allows you to use the nooks thanks to their adapted shelves. More difficult to find commercially, corner cabinets are often a little more expensive but ideal for freeing up space. For a unique model and adapted to your desires, but also to your space constraints, a qualified carpenter can make you a custom cabinet.


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