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Put mosaic on the wall

Put mosaic on the wall

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There is nothing like decorating a wall than laying mosaic. Composed of fragments of tiling mixed with glass, stone or marble, the mosaic exists in various forms. Sold in a plate, on a frame or on kraft paper, it can be placed on all types of support, such as wall tiles.

Put mosaic on the wall: prepare the surface

Make sure that the laying surface is dry, clean and level for perfect adhesion. Place cleats to ensure the correct positioning of the tiles. Measure the height of a tile plus the thickness needed to make the joint. Draw a first horizontal line using a spirit level. Then draw the vertical axis that will be used to place the second cleat. Attach the two cleats. The point of intersection marks the starting point for laying the first tile.

Apply mosaic to the wall: glue the tiles

For wall installation, use paste adhesive, ready to use. Roll out the material using a trowel and streak the surface with a spatula. Position the first whole square at the angle formed by the two wooden sticks. Apply pressure to adhere the tile. Place a spider at each corner of the tile. Need to cut the mosaic plates? Use a craft knife or glass cutter. Take care to remove any traces of glue as you go along. Let dry for 24 hours, then remove the braces.

Put mosaic on the wall: make the joints

Spread the joint mortar on the mosaic using a trowel, in circular movements. Clean up excess product as you go, and smooth the joints with a rubber squeegee. Let dry for ten minutes, then clean the plates with a damp sponge. The drying time here is also around 24 hours.


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