Spray paint on walls

Spray paint on walls

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The different types of paint spray guns

Planning to paint a large area? Opt for a compressed air gun, also ideal for finishes. Used by professionals, it is the most expensive. For medium-sized surfaces, prefer an electric gun. It has the advantage of being easier to handle.

Precautions for spray painting

Be sure to adjust the gun flow according to the thickness of the paint. The paint used should be a little more liquid than the paint you use when you paint with a brush or roller. So plan to add thinner (between 5 and 10%).

Prepare and paint a surface with a spray gun

The surface must be clean, dry and smooth. Protect floors and walls with tarpaulins and cardboard. Hold the spray gun in an upright position, approximately 10 inches from the area to be painted. Paint the surface by moving the spray gun parallel to the wall, drawing "S" horizontally. Apply the second coat by drawing "S" vertically. Be sure to thoroughly clean your gun after use. Fill the tank with water or a solvent (depending on the paint used) and spray to purge the circuit.