Lay laminate panels

Lay laminate panels

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Very fashionable in the 1960s, laminates are made from several layers of kraft paper, covered with a sheet of decorative paper. Light and very resistant, the laminated panels allow all the fantasies, thanks to their colors and their varied decorations. They can be glued on all types of supports.

Install laminate panels: prepare for installation

Laminate mainly sticks to wood or plywood panels. Start by cutting the laminate, depending on the dimensions of the panel. Make a line on the back of the paper, leaving 2 cm of margin. To cut it, groove it with a tungsten claw and a ruler. Break the laminate sheet by folding. Do not use a cutter or sharp tool.

The installation of laminated panels

Glue the edges of the plywood panel (i.e. the edges, which are not very aesthetic) and the laminate with a notched trowel with neoprene glue, then leave to dry. Place the glued laminate on the edge, ensuring that it is perfectly positioned. Proceed methodically, applying the laminate on one side and lifting the other upwards, to prevent it from sticking to the edge before being properly placed. Then machine the edges with a router fitted with a flush cutter (protect your eyes with protective glasses). Bring 80 grit sandpaper to sand the top of the panel, working flat. To lay laminate on a large surface, glue the paper and then the panel with the notched trowel. Let it dry for about 15 minutes. Apply the laminate to the panel, pressing down firmly. Machine the surplus with the router.