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Choose a stone floor

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Lover of authenticity and naturalness, you plan to give character to your property by covering its stone floors. And you are right, because the stone polishes over the years, which increases its beauty. But many possibilities are at your disposal, among which we will have to find ourselves. First of all, know that you will not be able to use this material for your floors, since it weighs much too heavy.

Different kinds of stones for your floors

Before choosing a stone floor, you must know whether it is intended for the interior or exterior of your home. Not all stones have the same solidity, and while some resist frost, others do not withstand bad weather and shocks. Granite offers great strength and durability. Its maintenance is very simple. It comes in shades of gray, yellow and brown. Marble brings a distinguished touch to your rooms, with its wide variety of colors - from gray to red, including blue, black, white and beige -, embellished with veins and various stains. However, it remains relatively fragile. Limestone exists in yellow, pink, gray, beige and brown tones. From a delicate maintenance, it requires treatment. As for the slate, gray, black or green, it is indestructible, provided that it is laid in the rules of art.

Choosing a stone floor: the finishes

Depending on the process used to cut the stone, more or less marked asperities or welts will be found. The effects will be very different. The polished and softened finishes give a smooth and sparkling appearance and are rather suitable for the interior. The gray finish, which consists of a slight scrub of irregularities, as well as the flamed finish, which makes the surface grainy, are perfectly suited for outdoors. Finally, the various aged finishes give the stone a worn appearance and can find their place inside and out. All kinds of formats are available on the market. Be careful however to apply the corresponding installation method.

Choosing a stone floor: the cost

Even if the stone is known to be relatively expensive, it all depends on the type of stone as well as the finishes. Slate, for example, can be cheaper than granite or marble. Do not hesitate to ask.


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