Install a roof window

Install a roof window

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If the installation of a roof window requires precision, it remains within the reach of a handyman and can be done without major work, from the inside of the roof. However, it is necessary to complete a declaration of work with your town hall.

Step 1: Create the opening of the roof window

First of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the window according to the arrangement of the room to be equipped, the slope of the roof, as needed in terms of brightness. To facilitate its opening, the top rail must be located between 1.80 m and 2.20 m. For more security, the bottom one must be at least 90 cm high. After tracing the location of the window, it is necessary to cut and remove the plasterboard, insulation, rafters, battens and tiles in order to completely clear the area. The cutout should be slightly larger than the size of the chassis.

Step 2: install the trimmer and the window frame

Then you have to create the fixing frame or trimmer that will accommodate the window frame. For this, it is necessary to fix wooden beams on the existing rafters so as to obtain a complete frame. Reduce the weight of the window by separating the sash (movable part) from the window frame (fixed part). The frame must then be fixed to the trimmer using the fixing lugs contained in your kit. It is important here to check the level and the squareness of the window by measuring its diagonals.

Step 3: dress the roof window

Several connection elements around the window make up the sealing kit. They must be installed from the bottom up, therefore starting with the lead flap. Then replace the exterior cladding elements like the tiles, resized if necessary. The movable part of the window can then be replaced in the frame.