Producing solar electricity

Producing solar electricity

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Producing solar electricity: complete kits

The principle is simple, a solar panel whose surface area reduces while the performance increases, a central unit equipped with an accumulator and the whole can be connected either directly to a device or to the whole network. Manufacturers today offer, for very reasonable prices, complete kits with all the equipment necessary for the personal production of solar electricity. Do not hesitate any longer to make the most of the sun's rays and their benefits. For a few hundred euros, an individual can make considerable savings on their electricity bill.

Producing solar electricity: a panel, a battery and the circuit

Very easy to install, these kits are designed in three parts. The panel is present to collect solar energy in a best exposed location. However, it is not necessary to live south of Valence to consider this solution. Indeed, the rate of sunshine is often badly felt and evaluated by the man. A small area in a cloudy place can sometimes offer very good profitability. The energy, thanks to a simple electric wire, is then relayed towards an accumulator. This stores energy before diffusing it into the electrical circuit.


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