Install a phone jack

Install a phone jack

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Installing a telephone jack can be considered difficult or even delicate. However, by respecting a few classic safety instructions and following an established action plan, the operation is not so complex. By understanding the operation of telephone lines, an individual can install a telephone jack himself. An additional telephone in the house is possible.

Install a telephone jack: follow the wire

Telephone installation of a house is conventionally carried out by France Telecom. Consequently, the wiring used is specific. There are only two types: the classic two-wire and the multi-pair for ADSL connections. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the model of telephone wire from which one wishes to draw a new socket. Indeed, in order to have the grip, the most complex is often to have the wire nearby. Once the cable brought to the desired location with an extension that we choose to send to the point as discreetly as possible, installing the plug is done in a few moments.

Installing a telephone socket: an additional telephone set

The best and most aesthetic solution is to send the incoming telephone cables by embedding them under a false ceiling or, failing that, by passing them through a trunking. On arrival, the connections are very simple to make. A small screwdriver is sufficient. Connecting the two wires is very easy but the essential question remains to provide a space so that the socket is fixed using a drill and a few screws or, at best, embedded in the wall.