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How to properly store the kitchen?

How to properly store the kitchen?

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When you love to cook, you like to multiply culinary experiences but also to be helped by many kitchen utensils and household appliances, and to present your achievements in beautiful dishes. To sum up, when you love to cook, you often have a kitchen that is full of pretty and good things but that can ruin life when you no longer know where to put them. Here are some useful tips to optimize the storage of your kitchen.

Smart drawers

To start tidying up your kitchen, you first need to look at the contents of your drawers and cupboards. Sort between what you use several times a day and the rest. Everything that you think is essential should be easily accessible while less used material can be stored in the highest shelves of your wall furniture. Inside the cupboards, remember to optimize the space, for example by installing shelves to hang under shelves or racks for glasses or mugs.

Organize your work plan

Even if the worktop is used primarily for making preparations, it can also, if it is deep enough, serve as storage space. Always in the interests of saving time, remember to install near your hob a utensil pot with wooden spoons, whips, pot handles. Along the credenza, line up two or three storage boxes to store the most commonly used food in the house such as cereals, pasta or coffee. Finally your work plan can accommodate small appliances that serve you daily like the coffee machine or the kettle.

A smart credenza

The space between your worktop and your tall units can be optimized by installing wall elements. You can hang your knives on it with metallic bars, magnetic spice jars if the splashback is made of stainless steel and the kitchen utensils can be hung with hooks.


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