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Install solar panels

Install solar panels

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Installing solar panels seems like a delicate operation. However, by respecting a few instructions, an individual can easily take advantage of an additional source of energy for their home. This additional electricity can then be stored and distributed either in the general system or specifically supply a particular device such as the washing machine or the light of the garage or the tool shack.

Install solar panels: photovoltaic and electric

Thanks to technological advances in new energies, recent products are now offered to individuals so that they can install a photovoltaic solar panel at home. The price and size of these models have been significantly reduced. Today, for a few hundred euros, you can acquire a complete kit with the panel, a battery to collect the captured electricity and a standardized connection system to electrical devices. These sets can be placed in a small garden, discreetly so as not to distort the landscaped composition.

Installing solar panels: economical and ecological

Solar panel kits are still a bit expensive today, but the savings are made directly on the EDF bill. The materials used are already efficient and durable. The installation itself is increasingly simplified. However, it must be taken into account that these are electrical works and therefore pay close attention to switch off the general circuit breaker before getting started.


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