Love winter, put curly wool in your decor!

Love winter, put curly wool in your decor!

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What is curly wool?

Looped wool is obtained by looped threads or from threads linked irregularly. This is why it wants to be thicker and gives a curly appearance. It has the advantage of being ultra resistant and does not wrinkle easily. It is mainly used for the creation of clothing.

Looped wool also had its heyday when Coco Chanel used it for the creation of these two flagship models in 1954: the "Little Black Jacket" and the "Little Black Dress". Since then, this ultra comfortable and soft material has become a staple of our wardrobes and we find it as well on sweaters as skirts or fashion accessories.

The charming asset to warm up the decor

After fashion, curly wool is also coming to the forefront of the decor scene. And this season, more than ever, it intends to invite itself into our interiors to face the winter. It must be said, it has everything you need to warm up the decor of a room. At first, it honors natural materials which all trends have taken hold of. Its softness and its fluffy appearance allow it to make any accessory cozy! At the simple vision of this cozy material, one has only one desire: to snuggle up there to bask ...

Because it is easy to handle with a hook or knitting needles, curly wool also rides the wave of home-made. It's up to you DIY to create pouffe, planter, cushion cover, plaid, carpet and many more. But that's not all, curly wool is not limited to accessories and also wraps the lines of furniture. The design collections for winter 2019-2020 have reserved a special place for it, as is the case for benches, armchairs and other seats with enveloping curly wool curves imagined by the famous brand Ferm Living.

If you want to adopt curly wool in your interior, bet on large stitches for a resolutely modern look. The more classic or nature-style interiors, for their part, may favor finer meshes. In any case, we are sure of one thing: you will never be able to do without curly wool in your interior in winter…