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Atypical spaces: how to make them decorative assets?

Atypical spaces: how to make them decorative assets?

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1. Concretely, what is an atypical space?

A atypical space is a room or a house that is out of the ordinary by its architecture, its location or its layout. We could therefore qualify the atypical small apartments, the attic accommodation or even lofts New Yorker. An atypical space can also be a building renovated and diverted from its basic function like a farm transformed into a house, a chapel with apartments, etc. The houses and other places of life defined as atypical do not respect the guidelines of a lambdas construction on the contrary, they show originality.

2. Let the light express itself in atypical rooms

The atypical apartments, houses or rooms often need light to express their full decorative potential. These living places that think outside the box are difficult to arrange… So to be sure not to make a mistake, it is better not to obstruct the circulation of natural light. Also be sure to refine the choice of synthetic light sources, the location of the lights is also important. Little advice: vary the styles of the lamps to suit all tastes and arrange an atypical space adapted looking for visual comfort.

3. Respect the surface area of ​​atypical spaces to make them decorative assets

As in a small apartment or a small room, you have to know develop an atypical space according to its surface and its constraints. Indeed, the strange places of life are more delicate to arrange and decorate. Thus, it is necessary to adapt the furniture, the arrangement and the decoration to their size to maintain a smooth circulation. Above all, avoid cluttering the room, the more minimalist the decoration, the greater the feeling of space!

4. Do not neglect the storage

Just because your home is like no other does not mean you should forget good habits in terms ofplanning. This means that spaces other than normal must also contain a storage space sufficient. Exactly, you can use the nooks and crannies to integrate storage ... You must define the amount of storage according to your needs, because a original place of life especially must not be polluted by the bazaar.

5. Optimizing every corner of an atypical space to make it a decorative asset

It is logical, but it is always worth remembering: theinterior design of an atypical space must be optimized to the maximum. In this sense, you must therefore make the most of lost space to make them real decorative assets. Atypical spaces are full of nooks that are difficult to convert. These lost square meters can be transformed into storage with modular furniture, they can also accommodate plants and decorative items. It's time to show imagination andoptimize the layout of your atypical house or apartment

6. Use the attic to transform an atypical space into a decorative asset

Atypical space often rhymes with convertible attic… This sixth tip encourages you to transform the attic an asset! How? 'Or' What ? Simply, by assigning them a real function. For example, some attics are transformed into offices, others into bedrooms and there are also playroom attics. Otherwise you can also increase the ceiling height by removing the floor from the attic. It's up to you !

7. Arrange a coherent decoration in an atypical space

The successful development of an atypical space also, or even above all, through decoration. This is why, you must define it carefully and keep a certain consistency between the pieces. Avoid overcrowding the different spaces and keep in mind that the functional aspect is important for comfort.

8. Bring out the strengths and charm of an atypical place

The atypical places are often full of nice surprises like a brickwall, moldings, a pretty high ceiling, a fireplace old or pretty wooden beams massive… Take advantage of your luck and create a comfortable atmosphere around these charming assets. The goal is to make you forget that your accommodation is bizarre by highlighting its originality and architecture. Play the card of the atypical fully!


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