7 mistakes not to make during Black Friday

7 mistakes not to make during Black Friday

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What is Back Friday?

Every year at Thanksgiving day starts Black Friday. It was in the United States in the 1950s that the term first appeared. This year, the event will start on Friday November 29, 2019 and will end with Cyber ​​Monday, Monday December 2. How not to get ripped off? How to do good business? To carry out your purchases in all serenity, it is better to be informed of the errors not to commit…

Mistake # 1: Not preparing your purchases

If you plan to make some purchases including your Christmas gifts (for the most organized), it is in your best interest to prepare them. Make yourself a checklist of what you would like to buy, go make someupstream tracking in stores or on the internet, note the stores, brands and sites that you like, determine a budget not to be exceeded ... In short, be organized because who says organization says saving time and… money !  

Mistake # 2: Buying without comparing offers

If the fact of not comparing offers can be a mistake in general, it is more the case during Black Friday! And yes, because some traders offer more attractive offers that others. Comparing prices can take a while, but it's still worth it especially in electronics or household appliances for example.

Mistake # 3: Trusting the prices displayed

You may not know it but some traders may inflate their base pricesthus making consumers believe that they are getting a good deal by buying their product. So in order not to be tricked, it is important when spotting upstream of note prices excluding promotion so you know the real price before the discounts applied during Back Friday.

Mistake # 4: Forgetting to make Christmas presents

Less than a month away from Christmas, it would be a shame not to take advantage of Black Friday to make presents, right? For one, you are not taken by time having to run to the stores at the last moment and two, you save taking advantage of attractive discounts. It's also time to buy your christmas decor if you have not already done so (fir tree, garlands, balls, wreaths, figurines…).

Mistake # 5: Clicking on any attractive offer

Pay attention to possible cyberarnaques especially if you plan to buy household appliances or a new smartphone for example. On the web, consumers are more and more victims of phishing.Beware offers that seem too generous to you, do not give your bank details too fast, do not click on any link or email in particular if you do not know the sender… So be very careful not to make mistakes!

Mistake # 6: Buying on unsecured sites

Do not order from sites that are not secure and this advice is valid all year round for all your purchases on the internet! If the site you are about to buy does not have a small green padlock in front of the URL of it, we strongly advise you not to finalize your purchases on it and to prefer a secure site.

Mistake # 7: Forget Cyber ​​Monday

Finally, who says Black Friday says Cyber ​​Monday. More recently (2005), Cyber ​​Monday takes place on Monday after Black Friday. This is an event mainly concerning the High Tech universe even if it is not rare to see the other universes (fashion, decoration, beauty…) extend their offers from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday.