How to protect and maintain a glass table?

How to protect and maintain a glass table?

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How to protect a glass table?

The glass is a delicate material that needs to be handled with care. The glass table is therefore fragile and can quickly be damaged or even scratched or broken if not taken care of.

However, protect a glass table, it's easier than you think… even if you use it every day! There are several tips for using a glass table as a support without risking damaging it. Indeed, one can put over his glass table a plastic film (the same as used in the automobile), a tablecloth or a transparent oilcloth. These will act as a thin protective barrier film against all sharp materials and heavy objects likely to damage the table. If we are used to decorating our glass table with a centerpiece (vase, candles, etc.), we also think of placing the latter on a table runner or one doily himself placed on the table.

How to maintain a glass table?

Maintain a glass table is essential to prevent possible risks of scratches and the like. Here are the steps to follow for a successful glass table maintenance:

1 / We perform a cleaning his glass table to remove dust. To do this, we pass a cloth, then a sponge with water and washing up liquid on the table. Be careful not to use the abrasive side of the sponge, especially if the table is not scratch-treated.

2 / Then spread out by hand a mixture composed of 50% water and 50% household alcohol on the table, then let it dry and clean with water. You can replace the water-alcohol mixture with methylated spirits, white vinegar, lemon juice or a cleaning product dedicated to glass surfaces.

3 / We pass a clean, dry and soft cloth on his table to dry it. You can replace the rag with newspaper (the ink removes the most stubborn traces).

4 / On chandelier finally his table with tripoli powder or from white powder of Meudon. 1 volume of powder is mixed with 3 volumes of water. This mixture is spread on the table and waits for it to dry. Then pass a clean, dry cloth over the table using circular movements. For this step, glycerin can also be used. Just spread it on the glass table, then wipe it with a cloth then. The result is the same ; the glass table is like new!

How to clean a glass table?

The cleaning a glass table must be performed regularly to anticipate maintenance. There are two techniques for quickly and easily cleaning a glass table:

1 / We pass a fast sponge on the table emphasizing hard-to-reach corners and angles. We then take newspaper that we roll into a ball. We soak the ball of newspaper with a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water. We clean the table with the ball soaked in solution, then rinse with water and wipe with a clean dry cloth. You can replace white vinegar with lemon juice. In this case, the lemon juice applied to the glass table is left to dry before rinsing it with water and wiping off.

2 / Valid for fingerprints. A few drops of ammonia are mixed with water. Then dip a clean cloth in theammonia water, then rub the soiled areas with fingerprints by making circular movements. Attention, it is recommended to wear gloves to handle ammonia.

Another (easy) solution for cleaning a glass table: commercial cleaners such as aerosol glass cleaners. You only need to spray the cleaner on the table, then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

Precautions: Abrasive cleaners containing acid or ammonia are not recommended for cleaning a glass table; as are paper towels and any other material that does not absorb moisture enough (they can leave marks).

What if the glass table is scratched?

A striped glass table is not inevitable! Good news: it is possible to remove or conceal yourself some scratches from your glass table using toothpaste or one clear nail polish

Another solution, more expensive of course, but also effective: entrust your striped glass table to a glazier !


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