Inflatable jacuzzi: the pros and cons!

Inflatable jacuzzi: the pros and cons!

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The advantages of the inflatable jacuzzi

Easy installation

One of the main advantages of the inflatable jacuzzi is its ease of installation. No need to carry out work by digging the ground to install your jacuzzi, you just need to have a relatively large and flat surface. Thirty minutes are enough to inflate it, it only remains to fill it with water and wait until it is hot enough to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Smaller footprint

In addition to its simple and quick installation, the inflatable jacuzzi is far from bulky. Indeed, if you want to fold it and put it away in your garage or your cellar in winter, it's quick and easy!

Mobile at will

Another significant advantage: its mobility. In summer, have your jacuzzi on your terrace or in your garden and in winter, bring it inside if you have enough space. So, enjoy its benefits throughout the year! And for those who cannot do without it, it is entirely possible for you to take it on vacation with you in your second home or in the villa rented for your stay.

Affordable cost

The cost of an inflatable jacuzzi will indeed be much lower than that of a traditional jacuzzi. There are indeed models around € 500 to benefit from an element of relaxation at home. The more you invest, the more quality, design and comfort will be there. It is therefore necessary to inform yourself beforehand so that you can compare several models and choose the best value for money.

Pleasant moments

And finally, the major advantage of the inflatable jacuzzi: it's time for relaxation and well-being at home! This type of jacuzzi allows you to benefit from a relaxation area which, we have no doubt for a second, will quickly pay off as you will spend many pleasant moments. As a couple, with friends, with family, multiply the moments of well-being…

And its drawbacks


One of the drawbacks of the inflatable hot tub is the aesthetic aspect. It is indeed more difficult to install a jacuzzi both inflatable and aesthetic. A jacuzzi dug in the ground will offer a more attractive result because you can quite choose the type of materials to cover the contours of the latter. Wood, stones, tiles ... the choice is wider and the result more aesthetic. However, if some inflatable jacuzzis may seem unattractive, there are much more beautiful models! It then becomes possible to combine design and mobility, provided that you target more upscale models.

Less pronounced comfort

An inflatable jacuzzi really imitates the benefits of a real inground jacuzzi. Only, if you can enjoy water jets, light games, or seats integrated in a traditional jacuzzi, these options may not be present on an inflatable model.

More maintenance

Who says inflatable says deflatable. There is indeed a risk of deflating the jacuzzi and therefore a need to fill it more frequently, which thus generates water consumption and therefore a higher cost. It can also be pierced more easily. Extra vigilance especially if you have animals or children who may accidentally pierce the inflatable jacuzzi.

More noisy

And yes, an inflatable jacuzzi will cause a little more noise when it emits bubbles (because of the blower), which can disturb the neighborhood as well as yourself. However, it is important to also note that traditional spas are not 100% silent.

Longer heating time

If for a traditional jacuzzi, the water heating time is relatively fast, this is not necessarily the case for an inflatable jacuzzi. In fact, the water takes longer to heat up and you must therefore anticipate and plan your relaxation session several hours in advance.