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All about… the memory foam mattress

All about… the memory foam mattress

What is a memory foam mattress?

It's a heat-sensitive foam mattress, thus reacting to the heat of our body by memorizing its shape. Thus, it hugs your body in every corner and provides incomparable comfort. This is therefore called a memory foam mattress. In vogue for several years, many people appreciate it for its comfort and opt for this type of mattress when it comes to changing their bedding. Advantages, disadvantages and advice for choosing the right one, find out everything you need to know about the memory foam mattress.

The inconvenients

Now that you know what a memory mattress is, what it is made of, and how it works, there are a few drawbacks, however, here they are:

  • Like him reacts to the heat of our body, if you tend to be a radiator on legs and sweat a lot, you may be very hot in summer because the mattress will not cool!
  • Conversely, in winter, becomes rigid with cold and therefore less conforms to your body shape. So remember to turn on the heat for a while before bed.
  • The cost of a memory foam mattress can be quite high. However, a mattress will keep for many years, so see it as a long-term investment!


If some disadvantages exist, as benign as they are, the advantages are more numerous.

  • Unrivaled comfort : While remaining firm, the mattress gives you a feeling of well-being during your sleep since it follows the shape of your body and any pressure vanishes.
  • A remedy for ailments : Sciatica, back pain, tense cervical ... the memory foam mattress prevents and treats this kind of ailments.
  • Treatment against mites : The bed is a real nest for bacteria. So if you don't air often and if you don't wash your sheets regularly, hello mites. This can be a pain for people allergic to dust mites. And many memory foam mattresses are treated against these bacteria.
  • Absorption of movements : If you are a light sleeper and your other half wakes you up with each of its movements, opt for the memory foam mattress. As it absorbs movements, you will no longer be awake at the slightest movement. Have a good night's sleep!

Where to find the right mattress and how to choose it?

Once convinced of its benefits, all you have to do is find the best mattress. We advise you to go to the bedding stores or furniture stores rather than buying online to be able to touch and test the mattresses. Once in the store, test several, ask the sellers but above all take your time. To choose the best memory mattress, it depends on your preferences. However, educate yourself on the internet, look at comparators, read testimonials on blogs, educate yourself and those around you… Also opt for a mattress from a brand you trust and whose reputation is well established . Find out about the product warranty (prefer a relatively long warranty) and its value for money ... In short, it is necessary to take your time to choose THE best memory foam mattress and thus be 100% satisfied with the result.