When the Persian carpet adorns your floors

When the Persian carpet adorns your floors

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In the living room

When you think about installing a Persian carpet at home, we usually think in the first place of putting it in his living room. A carpet always gives a warm atmosphere in a living room where it is most often placed in front of the sofa. The colorful colors Persian rugs have the advantage of bringing gaiety and an very friendly atmosphere piece. We can also recall its patterns on cushions for a coordinated decoration or put upholsterer cushions on the floor to be as close as possible to this pretty carpet.

Next to the living room

The Persian carpet is part of the novelty by coming to placenext to the living room to come frame this space and the highlight. It is thus possible, depending on the space you have, to place one or two rugs on either side of your sofa. The eye will be able to circulate more in the room which will seem thus wider and will win in personality.

In an office corner

Place a Persian rug in a corner of your living room and put a table and chair on it. Here is the ideal way to create an office area with just a few elements trend than functional. Your carpet will highlight this new living space that is as practical as it is original. it can also be transformed into a reading corner or a peaceful space for drinking tea or coffee.

In the dining room

It has become very trendy again separate the space dedicated to the living room from that reserved for the dining room. To simply achieve this division of space, place a Persian rugor your dining table. You will thus obtain a privileged setting for your table which will be more highlighted and will offer a setting all the more user-friendly for your meals with family or friends.

In places of passage

If you want compartmentalize the various spaces of your accommodation, place Persian rugs in the passage areas. Comparable to real paintings placed on the floor, your carpets will allow you to differentiate your different living spaces with elegance and refinement. Your corridors will also appear wider once adorned with a Persian rug.

In the bedroom

The Persian carpet finds its place perfectly in a room. Modest in size, it can be used as a lowering bed. More generous in size, it can also come too slip under the bedto enhance it. Your room will be immediately bathed in a cozy and warm atmosphere. In children's room, the Persian carpet becomes a warm and soft play area.

In the bathroom

The idea may seem surprising but no doubt you will appreciate the presence ofa Persian rug in your bathroom. Choose it small in order to use it as a bath mat which you will enjoy with pleasure out of your shower. No more cold, slippery floors in your bathroom.

On the terrace

On sunny days, you can choose to place a Persian rug outdoors, on your terrace. Place drapes over this space to create a spirit both exotic and bohemian.

Maintain a Persian rug

A Persian rug is delicate and requires a minimum of maintenance. So be sure tovacuum once or twice a week. Also offer him a deep cleaning once a year. Prefer to entrust it to a dry cleaner for a perfectly adapted treatment. If your carpet has a spot, absorb it with a cotton pad. Then wash with a mild shampoo and cold water and absorb immediately. Never hit your carpet at the risk of damaging its fibers.


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