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The mistakes to avoid with a glue gun

The mistakes to avoid with a glue gun

1. Don't protect your work surface

First of all, you have to protect the surface on which you are going to tinker with your glue gun. Put on cardboard or plastic sheeting to avoid spreading glue everywhere. If you do not cover your workspace, you risk damaging it ... A surface full of glue, no matter how you rub, it will not go away easily. And if you use paint stripper, you will certainly deteriorate your surface. Too bad for your new work plan or your living room table… Tip: get a silicone mat to tinker because it is an easy material to clean.

2. Put on new clothes

If you plan to tinker and handle a glue gun, put on proper attire. Prefer old stained, ripped or damaged clothes rather than your brand new white linen blouse. Of course, this is a matter of logic. Perhaps you tell yourself that you are not going to get dirty by sticking just one end of your vase, but accidents happen faster than you think!

3. Burning with the nozzle

Avoid handling dangerously your glue gun you may get burned if you touch the nozzle. Take care that it does not escape from your hands when it is very hot. By trying to catch it, you risk accidentally touching the nozzle. And if you have children, don't let them play with ...

4. Being too impatient

If you don't wait a few minutes before the gun heats up, don't expect the glue to fix your object properly. It is better towait a bit until the glue is hot and therefore very liquid for easier application.

5. Pour the hot glue

If you take a break, think about put your glue gun back on its base, if you have one. Otherwise, it is best to unplug your gun each time and place it on a piece of cardboard, for example, so as not to run the risk of hot glue running everywhere. By pouring hot glue on you, you risk getting burned and on your clothing or your worktop, making it unrecoverable ...

6. Press the trigger too hard

There is no point in supporting with all your might to get the glue out. Either the glue is still too cold and has trouble coming out, or it is because there is none left. So either we wait for the glue to heat up a little more, or we put a stick of glue. By pressing the trigger too hard, there is a risk of getting too much glue out and not knowing what to do with it…

7. Throw away a usable stick

Do not change the glue stick after each use but rather once there is no more. Logical, right? The stick does not expire, on the contrary, it is reused continuously and even if it has been a year since you have not used your glue gun. You just need to plug in your device and wait a few minutes for the glue to liquefy. In addition, if you remove it while it is still hot, you risk getting glue on your fingers ...

8. Cold clean

At first glance, you might think that you have to wait for the gun to cool before cleaning it properly. Only, once it is cold, the glue also and therefore it is more difficult to remove it. So we still wait a minute or two so as not to get burned and we protect our hands. It is best to clean the nozzle with a cloth thick enough not to burn your fingers.