How to adopt the amber color at home?

How to adopt the amber color at home?

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A color with multiple shades

The Amber color is inspired by the hues of natural Baltic Amber stone. It varies according to the exposure of the sun and can range from white to yellow through brown. In jewelry, there are 8 distinct colors (royal or white, lemon, honey, red, cognac, cherry or black, blue, green) while scientists distinguish 250 shades of amber. Suffice to say that it is difficult to define this color. What we know is that in decoration, all its nuances are, we can not trends! It is not for nothing that the famous paint brand Dulux Valentine made it the color of the year 2019 with the shade of amber honey.

How to associate it?

Because amber is essentially inspired by nature, it is logical that it is associated with other mineral shades and natural fibers. Thus, you will get a warm and comforting atmosphere if you match it with shades (white, off-white, beige, yellow, golden, terracota…). In terms of materials, we like to combine amber with wood, cane, jute, wool or even bamboo for an authentic style and a touch of bohemian.

For a modern interior, amber rather combines with character colors. Black, burgundy, anthracite gray, dark brown. The strong and intense shades are perfect for an elegant look like a boudoir type or rather for a contemporary and industrial result.

Finally, the amber color can be played poetic and feminine if it is combined with pastel colors. Powder pink, light gray, almond green ... The atmosphere is soft and soothing for a Scandinavian-style interior, hygge or even for a family home! Do not hesitate to marry amber with brass or copper for the touch of modernity!

In which room ?

Because it combines easily and adapts to almost any decor style, amber is a master key. In other words, you can imagine it in every room of the house. In the living room, its role will be to make the space more welcoming. That's good, if there is a room that needs to be convivial, it is the living room! In a kitchen, it will reign serenity and in an office, it allows better concentration to motivate yourself to work. Finally, in the bedroom, the amber color wants to be soft and enveloping, thus creating a real cozy nest.


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