How to change your boiler for only 1 €?

How to change your boiler for only 1 €?

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What is the € 1 boiler?

The boiler at 1 € or boiler conversion bonus is a system set up by the State and proposed by energy suppliers to facilitate the energy transition of the poorest households. In other words, allow all households to opt for a more economical and greener mode of heating, even when income is lacking. Subject to fulfilling the conditions, the boiler replacement is in this case supported by a combination of different financial aids, directly received by the energy supplier. In the end, the happy newly equipped household therefore only pays € 1 symbolic!

The boiler conversion premium, for whom?

As we said, the device is intended for the most modest households. The offer is therefore capped according to the household income by the National Housing Agency (ANAH): € 20,470 per year for a single person in Île-de-France, € 14,790 in other regions. For a couple, € 30,044 in Île-de-France, € 21,630 elsewhere. A family of 5 must not declare more than € 48,198 to be entitled to the scheme in Île-de-France, then € 6,059 per additional person; € 34,784, then € 4,385 per additional person in other regions.

Some energy suppliers may offer offers for households exceeding these ceilings, with a larger balance to pay. Small additional clarification, the recipient of the boiler at 1 € must be the owner and occupant of the accommodation concerned, the accommodation must not be new ... and the work must be carried out by a craftsman RGE, Recognized as guarantor of the environment !

Which boiler for 1 €?

Energy transition obliges, no question of keeping a polluting heating to benefit from the eco-gesture. The boiler conversion bonus system consists of replacing polluting equipment with another that consumes less energy. If the house is equipped with an old oil, non-condensing gas or coal boiler, bingo, we can theoretically get help to replace it.

The type of boiler offered for replacement may vary depending on the offer, but generally concerns a gas condensing boiler, low consumption or very high energy performance for housing connected to town gas, a wood boiler, wood pellets or biomass class 5 for the others. Note that the device also concerns heat pumps!

How to request a 1 € boiler?

By submitting a form to be contacted by an expert, quite simply! We will save time at check our eligibility directly, rather than trying to calculate it ourselves, especially as the offers may change depending on the suppliers. At Espace Aubade, simply enter your contact details to be contacted, unless you contact the specialists directly. Once the eligibility has been confirmed, we are put in contact with RGE certified craftsmen, the only ones authorized to carry out energy renovation works subject to financial assistance.


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