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What is an ecological boiler?

What is an ecological boiler?

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What to expect from an ecological boiler?

There is no such thing as a zero impact heating system, but some offer better energetic efficiency than others: this is the case of the aptly named ecological boiler. In other words, heating equipment that consumes little, uses a renewable energy or as little pollution as possible and distributes the heat throughout the house via the central heating circuit, up to a floor, radiators, etc. Some are also used for the production of domestic hot water.

Choosing an ecological boiler saves energy, therefore minimizes greenhouse gas emissions from our facility ... and consequently, lowers the bill, since we use less energy! As much to be honest, with an ecological boiler, we want everything: an eco-friendly, economical and efficient heating mode. Not so easy, but not impossible.

Which ecological boiler to choose?

The most ecological boiler and the most economical is undoubtedly the wood boiler: in addition to being the cheapest energy on the market, wood is above all 100% renewable since in France, a felled tree is a replanted tree. And the wood boiler can use logs, but the pellets are even more ecological, since they are made up of sawdust and wood waste! The icing on the boiler is that they are easier to store and handle than logs. The result is an unbeatable carbon footprint: if the wood burned releases CO2, the tree that supplied the wood has spent its life sucking up the CO2. And as a bonus, the wood boiler consumes little, while heating efficiently.

Only defects of the wood boiler, its price, and the obligation to plan the delivery, the storage of wood or the daily supply of the appliance. This is why some people prefer a boiler that is a little less ecological, but cheaper to buy! Among them is the gas condensing boiler, a fossil energy therefore nonrenewable, but less polluting than that of the oil boiler. Thanks to its connection to the natural gas network, it recovers the heat contained in the smoke it produces, thereby reducing its energy consumption and the dose of polluting particles released into the air. To boost its ecological performance, a hybrid condensing boiler can even be coupled to a heat pump: it then only consumes gas if the heat pump is struggling, due to excessively cold outside temperatures.

What budget for an ecological boiler?

The ecological wood boiler is an investment with quickly visible results on your invoice, but an investment all the same. It will be necessary to foresee between 15 000 and 25 000 €, against approximately 3000 to 6000 € for the condensing gas boiler… or more, for a hybrid boiler with installation of a heat pump.

Good news, several financial aids can facilitate the change of installation within the framework of a renovation energy and several installations are eligible… in particular a new High Performance boiler to replace an oil boiler, but also a thermodynamic water heater for the production of domestic hot water.

And because the wood boiler is more ecological, it benefits from greater aid with the tax credit (CITE), the Energy Prime, the eco-loan at zero rate (PTZ), the VAT at reduced rate or ANAH helpers. Need a more precise estimate? We take a few minutes to perform a more precise simulation on the Espace Aubade aid simulator.