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What is the ideal temperature for a house?

What is the ideal temperature for a house?

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One room, one temperature

The recommended average temperature in the house by the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) is 19 ° C. However, no need to follow the rule to the letter or heat all the rooms in the house to the same temperature!

The felt the temperature differs according to metabolism, health, rhythm of life, insulation of the dwelling, type of heating, humidity level etc. Clearly, we can be too hot by cleaning in a kitchen heated to 19 ° C and too cold by sitting at the computer in an office at 19 ° C ... Just as we will be less cold in an exposed room to the south or isolated.

Conclusion? The ADEME gives recommended temperatures room by room to best adapt the heating to their use. If a small studio is content with uniform heating at 19 ° C, a large house gains by adjusting the temperature room by room, depending on its destination. And each temperature indicated is only a base, which must then be adapted to each! The proof, the ideal average temperature according to the French is not 19, but 20 ° C…

The ideal temperature in living rooms

As we said, the average temperature recommended for adjust the heating in the house is 19 ° C, and it applies above all to the living rooms: living room, dining room and kitchen, to which is added the office. For the less chilly, you can even go down to 18 ° C in the living room, in particular in a house with a chimney which compensates for the coolness of the evening. Otherwise, a good plaid may suffice!

Another solution ? We choose a connected heating system or programmable which lowers the temperature to 16 ° C during the day and raises it to 19 or 20 ° C at the time of return, or when a presence is detected. Perfect for saving energy without burying yourself in ten layers of sweaters at night.

The ideal temperature in the rooms

In the bedrooms, the recommended temperature is… from 16 to 18 ° C for adults, 18 to 20 for babies. Not very hot, of course, but more than enough when you spend the night wrapped in your body heat, or even that of a spouse, in your pajamas under a good duvet! Even if the atmosphere seems chilly when slipping into the sheets, we keep in mind that body temperature will rise quickly during the night. Conversely, an excessively heated room disrupts the quality of sleep and ensures headache upon waking.

If the bed is too cold, we use grandma's tricks with a good old hot water bottle under the duvet about 20 minutes before bedtime. As for the difficult awakening in a cold room, again, we fall back on programmable heaters, connected or with thermostat, capable of saving a few degrees to room temperature just before getting up.

The ideal temperature in the bathroom

Needless to say, in a bathroom at 19 ° C, no one wants to undress to take a shower. Hence the usefulness of towel warmer or auxiliary heaters, ideally programmable, which make it possible to vary the temperature of the room according to the hours: count 22 ° C at the hours of use of the bathroom, 17 ° C the rest of the day.

The ideal temperature in empty rooms or in case of absence

Holidays, absences or unused rooms? No need to heat the birds, we lower the heating to save energy. Once again, programmable or remotely controllable solutions are popular to better control their consumption!

In case of prolonged absence, the heating is reduced to a minimum, between 12 and 14 ° C, and a temperature rise is programmed two or three days before the return. In the case of an unused room, the heating is kept between 14 and 16 ° C, depending on the insulation and keeping the door tightly closed, to prevent the room from cooling the rest of the house.


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