5 tips to boost your living room without changing everything

5 tips to boost your living room without changing everything

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1. Declutter space

We all tend to accumulate objects and furniture of all kinds, especially in a living room like the living room. The first thing to do if you want to boost your living room is to offer it a good storage session. Old magazines, worn curtains, faded trinkets, bulky furniture ... Get rid of everything you don't need by giving them away, selling them or finding them a second life thanks to home staging. Remove anything that can block traffic and store as much as possible! It sounds silly but a crowded lounge is already a new lounge waiting for you…

2. Rethinking the layout of the furniture

Another tip to boost your living room without changing everything: review the arrangement of the furniture and the layout of your room. Keep in mind to always delimit spaces according to their functions. In a corner of the room, for example, install an armchair near a shelf or a small bookcase and enhance your new reading corner with a light fixture like a floor lamp. Another idea: rather than sticking your sofa to a wall, why not put it in the middle of the room to give movement to your decor? By creating specific zones and varying the layouts, you will punctuate the space and breathe new life into your living room.

3. Change the decor around the sofa

Centerpiece of the living room, the sofa should set the tone by itself. And the advantage is that if you don't buy one, it's easy to revamp it. You can change its cover or dress it with soft blankets and cushions. The ideal is to vary the shapes, materials and colors according to the seasons. In winter, take out cocooning materials such as velvet or faux fur and favor warm and deep colors. In summer, set your sights on colorful patterned cushions and fall for flowing and light materials such as linen or cotton.

Another tip to boost your sofa: customization! If it is on its feet for example, you can have fun painting them for a fantasy game, it could not be more personal and atypical… A trick that can also be reproduced on the chairs.

4. Focus on lighting

It is well known, lighting is an integral part of the decoration of a room. In fact, the lighting can sublimate an interior as well as serving it. So, forget the traditional chandelier a little pallid, the ceiling lamp too classic and the halogen too corny. To create the ambiance and spice up your living room, opt for modern lighting that will attract all eyes. We think, for example, to align modern suspensions like filament bulbs, above the dining area, to slide small vintage or vintage accent lamps on the shelves and to place a dainty floor lamp near the sofa or the reading area .

In all cases, remember to vary the light sources, do not forget to provide a more intense main lighting to see clearly, but do not neglect the dimmed models to create a soft and cozy atmosphere for moments of relaxation ...

5. Dare the wallpaper

Nothing like wallpaper to brighten up a somewhat sad living room. Far from being obsolete, wallpaper is all the rage in all interior styles. The good news ? They are found today in many colors and patterns. Tropical style for a jungle atmosphere, flowery for a poetic and feminine touch, geometric for a retro air, graphic for a contemporary look ... There is no shortage of choices! Anyway, prefer a single section of wall, ideally that of the back.

Are you afraid of getting started? Why not try the wallpaper on old furniture? Rather than throwing away your old cabinets, customize them by removing the doors and applying wallpaper to the bottom of the storage niches. You will see, you will no longer recognize your living room…


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