Computer characters customize the teenage bedroom

Computer characters customize the teenage bedroom

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Because they started using a computer from an early age and they are in their "facebook" and "messenger" period, teens often master computer tools more easily than their elders. And if we transposed this very current virtual leisure in the decor of their room? Stylized atmosphere guaranteed… Geeks or not, teenagers of the 21st century all share - or almost - common points of their own, such as the "texting" language or the regular use of computer tools. Features in which the decor did not fail to draw its inspiration to personalize certain accessories with a "young and quirky" touch that should appeal to more than one. For example, a cushion adorned with a question mark is enough to wake up a little too wise bed area. On the walls, canvases representing smileys in series arouse a smile while a symbol "at sign" or ampersand replaced the decorative letters on the shelf. Finally, a "Del" sticker like the "delete" key on the computer keyboard gives a note of originality to the bedroom and a bed set dressed in the acronym "LOL" inscribed long, wide and across, completes this latest generation decor in the image of the internet revolution. It's your turn !


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